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At OnlyGrams we want to bring quality and fair CBD to the streets and create an alternative for dangerous and illegal substances. We rely on high quality standards for our products in order to put an end to adulterated and illegal drugs.


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Felix Lieb

I have been a customer of onlygrams for over a year now and I have never been disappointed. Onlygrams has a lot to offer in terms of taste, from refreshing herbs and hearts to moon rocks and back again, everything is included. Delivery is usually quick and easy and the designs are well chosen small things like papes and stickers included in the package.


I was very skeptical at first if I would even notice an effect since I'm only used to normal weed and I have to say "yes definitely". I'm much more relaxed, it helps me calm down and I can fall asleep better (Personal experience). I also really like the smell and taste! I can really recommend the products.

Robin Reichel

Everything worked out great the quality and service impressed me everything was to my satisfaction and I didn't think it would go so well gladly again you can only recommend it.

Carne's Ch'i

OnlyGrams' products are high class.
One of the few sources where you can get the best CBD.
If you like detailed product descriptions with great pictures in your CBD life, you are welcome to check #CarnesChi on Instagram. There I took a few products from OnlyGrams under my [lens] and one or two will follow 🌿🤙🏻


Fast shipping, fair prices, the most brutal optics and aromas, nice packaging and nice contact. I'm excited to see what else will come from Onlygrams 😊

SkyLine Steel

OnlyGrams CBD is by far the best in Germany that I have been able to test so far. Quality, trichomes, smell or terpenes, beautiful flowers, high-quality products such as moon or ice rocks and much more make the green heart beat faster.
If you also want to test it, do that, absolute purchase recommendation and the prices are also very reasonable for the quality.

Sebastian Janzon

BästeCBD - CBG that I have ever tried in Germany. Fast delivery with some small gifts included. 5/5

Diana Harms

I became aware of it via Instagram and found the selection simply great. The delivery was super quick and the ordering process was super easy ☺️ I'm super excited about the Malibu flowers I ordered, the smell is very pleasant & the taste is great too.

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OnlyGram's FAQ

Don't worry, the topic of CBD is new to many! We would therefore like to answer the most frequently asked questions here.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a component of female hemp and belongs to the group of non-psychoactive cannabinoids. In Germany, as in most other countries in and outside of Europe, CBD is not subject to the Narcotics Act. So it is legal to buy. The active ingredient obtained from the female hemp plant is usually administered as an oil.
Hemp is a raw material from Asia that is more than 5000 years old and is still being researched to this day. CBD and THC are just two of over 150 cannabinoids found in this hemp plant. The proven healing potential is gaining more and more recognition in medicine, which also improves the reputation of the cannabis plant in society. Humans naturally produce their own cannabinoids, the so-called endocannabinoids. This system maintains physical and mental health in our body. As a cannabinoid, CBD can dock in the body via this endo-cannabinoid system and not only contribute positively to health and well-being in the case of illness.

Unlike THC, CBD does not have an intoxicating effect. Under certain conditions, the sale and consumption of CBD products is legal in Germany. An important requirement for this is that the THC content of the product does not exceed the limit of 0.2%. We guarantee this in all our products!

No, CBD does not get you high. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol) is NOT PSYCHOACTIVE. CBD is therefore available to everyone legally. It does not induce intoxication and has no influence on the behavior of the user. CBD is taken for its relaxing and health-promoting effects.
Relaxation with CBD. Many users use CBD for its relaxing properties, which can help you wind down in the evening and help you fall asleep - but gently and without lethargy.
analgesic effect. The substance also promises an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, which makes the CBD suitable for targeted use - similar to a painkiller. Many other effects, some of which are even backed up by studies, complete the wide range of applications.

A resounding yes, as long as there wasn't excessive consumption (ie five joints in ten minutes). Since our CBD is legal and freely available and does not make you high or addicted, you can safely drive the car despite consumption!

Cannabidiol is generally not detectable by a drug test. Whether it's CBD oil, CBD flowers or CBD extracts: If you consume pure CBD, you don't have to worry about an inspection. Even with CBD products with 0.2% THC content, the drug test usually remains negative - with larger quantities, however, the THC can be detected up to three weeks after consumption.

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