Effect of HHC

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How HHC really works!

HHC, the semi-synthetic cannabinoid, provides an intoxicating effect and is often considered a THC alternative. It is derived from THC and therefore has a great similarity in terms of its effects. The duration of action of HHC can vary and depends on individual factors such as metabolism, tolerance, dosage and route of consumption.


When inhaled, for example through a HHC Vape, the effect occurs almost immediately. The dosage is usually specified by the manufacturer, or is already correctly dosed and pre-filled.


With HHC edibles, on the other hand, the effect usually only occurs after 30-60 minutes, due to the different absorption and metabolism processes compared to other consumption methods. The type of edible (gummy bears, brownies or lollipops), the method of absorption (digestive tract/via the mucous membranes in the mouth) or the dosage are crucial factors that can influence the duration of the effect. It is important to be patient and adjust dosage carefully to ensure an appropriate and safe experience with edibles.


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