Is HHC detectable? Drug test and MPU

Es ist ein Drogentest auf dunklem Hintergrund abgebildet. Die Bildüberschrift ist türkis und schreibt: HHC nachweisbar ?

HHC and drug tests: Can HHC be reliably detected in the body?

In Germany there is increasing interest in HHC, a cannabinoid that fascinates many people with regard to its consumption and its detectability in various tests. In this blog article we look at the detectability of HHC and how reliably common drug tests can detect this substance.

HHC: What is that anyway?

HHC is a cannabinoid, similar to THC. Consuming HHC products causes them to be metabolized in the body and HHC metabolites are formed. But how reliably can a drug test detect HHC? And what influence does consumption have on, for example, the MPU?

HHC in the blood: reliable detectability

It quickly seems certain that HHC can be detected in the blood. If the police or public prosecutor order a blood test shortly after HHC consumption, this substance will most likely be detected in the blood. This is where the HHC blood test comes into play, which was specifically designed to detect HHC or its metabolites in the blood, but due to the similarity between HHC and THC, conventional tests could also react positive for HHC.

The drug test and HHC in the urine

A urine test is a commonly used way to detect drugs in the body. And the likelihood of a urine HHC drug test being positive is high. In fact, reports from users have shown that a positive reaction to THC in the urine test can occur after consuming HHC. This is due to the structural similarity of HHC to THC.

Detectability of HHC: How long does it stay in the body?

The duration of HHC detectability in the body can vary. For example, HHC can be detected in urine for up to 30 days. With regular consumption, HHC metabolites can last even longer in the body. For absolute safety, consumers should adhere to the THC guidelines.

MPU, HHC and the drug test: A reliable trio?

With the increasing popularity of HHC in Germany, many are asking the question: How does consumption affect the MPU? To date, there is little reliable data on HHC drug testing. However, experts strongly advise against driving after consuming HHC.

Conclusion: HHC, drug tests and the MPU

HHC can be reliably detected in most body fluids and probably also in hair. Anyone who consumes HHC and is aware of the possible consequences should be aware of current drug testing methods and the effects on the MPU. And if you are wondering how to remove THC from the system, the next article about accelerated elimination of THC may be of interest.

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