When was THCP discovered?

Eine Labor-Forscherin, die durch ein Mikroskop schaut. Die Bildüberschrift ist rot und schreibt: THCP Entdeckung.

The latest discovery in the cannabis cosmos: THCP

The cannabis universe is constantly changing. With each passing day, new answers are being found that deepen our understanding of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. But recently a new secret was revealed: THCP, a previously little-known cannabinoid with enormous potential.

A groundbreaking discovery in the world of cannabis

2019, a year that will go down in cannabis history. This year, researchers at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, under the expert leadership of Dr. Giuseppe Cannazza, THCP discovered and isolated for the first time. This discovery was not just a coincidence, it was the result of intensive research into the chemical composition of cannabis plants.

What makes the discovery so special? The answers were published in the renowned scientific journal “Nature”, which underlines the importance of this newly discovered cannabinoid.

THCP vs. THC: What makes the difference?

Anyone familiar with cannabis knows THC and CBD. But what differentiates THCP from THC? The difference lies in the molecular structure. While THC is widely used in cannabis, THCP has a longer side chain and is therefore chemically different from other cannabinoids. However, this small difference could have a big impact on the effect in the human body.

Research results from laboratory tests gave astonishing answers. THCP has a binding affinity for the CB1 receptor that is 33 times stronger than that of delta-9-THC. In addition, THCP also shows increased affinity for the CB2 receptor. These discoveries could mean that the effects of THCP in cannabis are significantly more intense than those of THC.

A brief insight into the effects of THCP

The CB1 receptor plays a key role in the action of cannabinoids, particularly in triggering psychoactive effects. Therefore, the properties of THCP could have a stronger effect in the human body compared to THC and CBD. However, many questions and answers about the exact effects of THCP are still unknown because no studies have been carried out on human subjects.

Conclusion: THCP and the future of cannabis

Cannabis holds many secrets, and the discovery of THCP has opened a new page in the history of this fascinating plant kingdom. The answers that THCP will bring us into the future could significantly influence our understanding of cannabis, THC, CBD and their effects. It remains to be seen how this discovery will revolutionize the medical and therapeutic use of cannabis.

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