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Who invented vapes?

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The e-cigarette, also known as a vape, has fundamentally changed the way people smoke and consume nicotine in recent years. Its fascinating history and development from its beginnings to today's modern alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes is an impressive example of innovation and progress. In this article we will explore the different stages of this amazing transformation and show how the e-cigarette became what it is today.

The beginnings of vaping:

  • Herbert A. Gilbert and the groundbreaking idea
    The history of the vape began in 1963, when the American Herbert A. Gilbert filed his patent for the world's first electric cigarette. His vision was impressive: a smoke- and tobacco-free alternative to the traditional cigarette. The idea was to heat and evaporate a tank containing a liquid (then known as “liquids”) using batteries. This approach laid the foundation for future developments.

  • The long road to perfection
    Although Gilbert already had the idea of ​​a tank and a liquid containing nicotine that was vaporized using batteries, it still took decades until the concept reached maturity. The tobacco industry was already interested back then, but production never got off the ground. It was clear that the time was not yet ripe for this groundbreaking invention.

The modern vape and its inventor:
  • Hon Lik and the modern vape 
    In 2004, Hon Lik, a pharmacist from China, brought the modern e-cigarette ( vape ) onto the market . His personal drive to find a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes led to the development of a revolutionary product. Hon Lik's first e-cigarette used the piezo effect, which sent out ultrasonic waves to evaporate the liquid in the tank. The liquids were already based on propylene glycol and contained nicotine, but there was not yet the variety of flavors that are available today.

  • The global breakthrough 
    The e-cigarette ( vape ) first became popular in China and began its global export between 2005 and 2006. The introduction of battery-powered heating elements is causing a global boom. Companies like Ruyan Electronics, where Hon Lik worked at the time, began producing the first generation of e-cigarettes. Hon Lik had personal reasons for his invention as his father had died of lung cancer, a heavier smoker like himself.

Technological advances and current research:

  • The cartomizer and its further development
    British entrepreneurs Umer and Tariq Scheikh developed the cartomizer, which was further developed in 2009 and came onto the market as a clearomizer. Originally designed as a disposable system, it was soon developed to be refillable. Most modern e-cigarettes, which are based on the cartomizer principle, now allow the liquid tank to be refilled multiple times.

  • The vape today
    Current research shows that e-cigarettes ( vapes ) are a less harmful alternative to traditional smoking. Studies show that the health risks associated with e-cigarettes (vapes) are significantly lower than with tobacco cigarettes. This is because the most harmful substances do not come from the nicotine itself, but from the combustion process of tobacco, which is not the case with e-cigarettes. Overall, the studies indicate that e-cigarettes are a much less harmful option for smokers.


The history of vape is one of innovation and determination. By Herbert A. From Gilbert's initial idea to Hon Lik's breakthrough and modern developments, inventors and technologists have helped create an alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette. The e-cigarette has become a much less harmful option for smokers and offers a way to quit smoking. With further research and development, the e-cigarette has a promising future in which it can play an important role in the effort to achieve a smoke-free world.


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