smell of HHC

Ein Mann der an etwas riecht mit der Überschrift "Geruch"

This is how HHC really smells:

The smell of HHC itself is not present as it is a psychoactive cannabinoid that does not have an odor of its own. The distinctive, earthy smell associated with hemp plants, on the other hand, comes from a combination of terpenes produced by the glands in the plant matter. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that not only affect the smell, but also the taste and aroma of hemp products.

However, it should be noted that HHC products such as vape pans or edibles may contain additional flavors, such as our vape pan , which has convinced every customer of ours so far, in terms of taste and other factors as well. Some of our customers speak of fireworks for the taste buds. And not without reason. Due to the taste similar to 11Bar, our product is currently getting a huge hype that is constantly growing.

We can proudly mention that we can spoil and convince our customers with 12 unique tastes.

  1. Pink Berry-(93% HHC/ disposable vape)
  2. Peach Ice-(93% HHC/ disposable vape)
  3. Skittlez-(93% HHC/ disposable vape)
  4. Super Lemon-(93% HHC/ disposable)
  5. Cookies-(93% HHC/ disposable)
  6. Blue Berry-(93% HHC/ returnable)
  7. Apple-(93% HHC/ returnable)
  8. Gelato-(93% HHC/ returnable)
  9. Grape-(93% HHC/ returnable)
  10. Pink Berry-(93% HHC/ returnable)
  11. Champagne-(93% HHC/ returnable)
  12. Cantaloupe-(93% HHC/ returnable)
  13. Raffaelo-(93% HHC/ returnable)

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