What HHC products are there?

Bunte Gummibärchen mit der Überschrift "HHC Produkte"

This is what HHC offers for possibilities:

HHC flowers:

There are different strains of HHC flowers such as White Widow, Skywalker OG, Strawberry Sorbet, Cookies Kush, Purple and others. These flowers contain a certain percentage of HHC and can be purchased in different sizes (1g-100g).

HHC hash:

There are different HHC hash varieties, such as Moon Rock HHC Hash, Afghan HHC Hash, Yellow HHC Hash, and Triple Filtered HHC Hash. These hash varieties also contain a certain percentage of HHC and can be purchased in different sizes (1g-100g).

HHC Vapes :

There are vape products with HHC called HHC vapes. These vapes contain HHC in different concentrations (60%, 80%, 97%) and come in different flavors like Skittlez , Apple , Blue Berry , Raffaelo and many more . A vape pack usually includes a rechargeable vape pan, an e-liquid cartridge and a USB charging cable; or a disposable vape that will run out after 600 puffs.

HHC Flavor Gums and Other HHC Foods:

There are also HHC gummies and other food products (cookies/lollipops) that contain HHC.

We offer you:

High quality and tasteful HHC Vapes just for you.

  1. Pink Berry-(93% HHC/ disposable vape)
  2. Peach Ice-(93% HHC/ disposable vape)
  3. Skittlez-(93% HHC/ disposable vape)
  4. Super Lemon-(93% HHC/ disposable)
  5. Cookies-(93% HHC/ disposable)
  6. Blue Berry-(93% HHC/ returnable)
  7. Apple-(93% HHC/ returnable)
  8. Gelato-(93% HHC/ returnable)
  9. Grape-(93% HHC/ returnable)
  10. Pink Berry-(93% HHC/ returnable)
  11. Champagne-(93% HHC/ returnable)
  12. Cantaloupe-(93% HHC/ returnable)
  13. Raffaelo-(93% HHC/ returnable)

Below you can find all our products.

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