CBD hash duo

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Size: 2g per baggy


Hash Duo, Brown

Let yourself be won over by the outstanding quality and a particularly resinous aroma! The Hash Duo comes in a double pack and dribbles you out for a long time.


Test our unique CBD hash varieties at a particularly affordable price!

The unbeatable basis for our hash duo are the finest and hand-selected CBD flowers, which push our two legends to a CBD content of up to 20%!


The best resin for you molded into mass.

Hash Duo made from CBD flowers.

Enjoy #1 quality goods from the highest CBD professional league! The sweet smell of caramel and the usual slightly earthy note are perfectly combined in our dream team. Every single piece is made from particularly high-quality resin and brings you back to the ground after a blatant dunk!


Let us convince you of still unknown strains!

With our tasting sets you can save money and discover new varieties. As EU-certified industrial hemp varieties, our CBD flowers contain a THC content of less than 0.2% and come from tested and sustainable cultivation, which deliberately avoids the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.