HHC Vape trial set | 80% HHC | Flavor boost

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Product description:

Can't decide which vape you would like? Just get them all and save money too!

With the most flavor-intense flavors from Apple Jack/Pink Berry/Super Lemon/Skittlz, to Cookies, you definitely can't go wrong.
With its slim design and user-friendly handling, it is perfect for on the go. Get the Only Grams HHC Vapes /Trial Set-Flavourboost/ today and experience the incomparable taste and relaxation.

Product information:

-Content: 1 ml
-HHC concentration: 1000 mg/ml (80% HHC)
-Approximately 600 puffs per 1ml
-THC: 0.00%
-6-fold distillation
-Ingredients: 1000 mg HHC, 0.0652% CBN, 0.00 mg THC, 0.00 mg CBD, no PG, VG or MCT oils
-HHC is enriched with natural flavors to give it a taste.
Compliance: Does not fall under SMG or BtMG.

Instructions for use:

Remove the vape device from the packaging.
To activate, simply inhale from the mouthpiece.
Avoid prolonged inhalation to prevent overheating.
Recommended Use: Up to 3 puffs per day.

Safety notice:

Store the device away from high temperatures.
Not suitable for minors.
Prohibited for pregnant or breastfeeding women, those with heart problems, diabetes, or those taking antidepressants or asthma medications.