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Snus vs Nicotine Pouches

Ein geteiltes Bild, wo auf der linken seine eine Handvoll Nicotin Pouches presentiert wird, und auf der rechten Seite eine Handvoll Snus. Die Bildüberschrift ist Blau und schreibt: Snus vs. Nicotin Pouches.

Snus vs. Nicotine Pouches: Why you should choose Nicotine Pouches?

Snus and Nicotine pouches

Many consumers are faced with the challenge of differentiating between snus and nicotine pouches, especially because of the subtle differences in product and effect. In addition, nicotine pouches are also colloquially referred to as snus, which makes differentiation even more difficult.

Although nicotine pouches are reminiscent of traditional Swedish snus in texture and taste, there are key differences worth highlighting.

What exactly are snus?

Snus (link), a smokeless chewing tobacco product, is used to absorb nicotine and is placed between the lip and gums for consumption.

It is extremely important to mention that the sale of snus is not allowed in the European Union, except in Sweden, which must be taken into account when purchasing this chewing tobacco. Consequently, buying and selling in Germany is classified as illegal. In Sweden, however, the tobacco product can be purchased in both loose and portioned formats.

Snus offers an alternative for those who prefer consuming tobacco without smoke and is an integral part of Swedish nicotine products.

The special features of Nicotine Pouches

Many consumers don't notice a big difference when using the product, i.e. in terms of application and effect.

In contrast to snus, Nicotine Pouches (link), also called nicotine pouches, are made without tobacco. The nicotine is extracted from the Nicotiana tabacum plant and processed into nicotine salt, excluding herbal components. These products do not contain any tobacco-specific nitrosamines, which occur in tobacco and are considered carcinogenic. In addition, nicotine pouches are also manufactured synthetically, which means they are exempt from the EU ban on snus. This means that you can also buy Nicotine Pouches freely in Germany.

Advantages of nicotine pouches over snus

The most significant difference is that nicotine pouches are completely tobacco-free and have a longer shelf life than snus because they do not contain tobacco and are therefore non-perishable. Another interesting aspect is the external appearance: nicotine pouches remain white, both before and after use, and do not stain teeth, unlike snus.


In summary, both Snus and Nicotine pouches have many similarities in their properties and intended uses. While snus is deeply rooted in Swedish culture, nicotine pouches offer a modern, tobacco-free alternative. The free purchase and sale of Nicotine Pouches should be highlighted, as well as other advantages, especially with regard to health aspects

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