Our mission

At OnlyGrams we want to bring quality and fair CBD to the streets and create an alternative for dangerous and illegal substances. We rely on high quality standards for our products in order to put an end to adulterated and illegal drugs.

The start

In the summer of 2021 the time had come. We launched our first Späti with the KiezKiosk on Grunewaldstraße. After a close friend of ours became severely addicted and ill, the decision was made to put our idea into practice and offer a legal, purely plant-based alternative. We are now represented at over 60 locations and work every day to make our products accessible to more people.

  • 80%

    Up to 80% CBD

  • 100%

    100% legit

  • Bio

    Organic certified

  • Thc


What is important to us

In a nutshell - the relationship with our customers! In order to be as close as possible to our customers, we are active every day to get in touch with you. We clarify any questions and are at your side if you have problems with our products or your delivery.



Organic farming

Our CBD comes from Switzerland and Austria and is 100% certified organic, free from pesticides and herbicides. When manufacturing our products, we make sure to promote as many measures as possible to preserve biodiversity and reduce CO2 emissions.