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How and where do you dispose of vapes?

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The correct disposal of vapes and batteries: tips and information

Why proper disposal of vapes is so important

In today's article we look at the legislation and the correct disposal of e-cigarettes (vapes) and batteries, which is often neglected. Learn why it's so crucial to dispose of vapes and batteries properly.

Legal regulations for the disposal of vapes

In Germany, online shops for e-cigarettes (vapes) and accessories are legally obliged to provide information on the correct disposal of batteries and old devices. We would like to clearly fulfill this obligation with this blog article, as many online providers hide the relevant information on the disposal of electronic cigarettes and batteries at the bottom of their website, which is difficult to see. It is important to note that rechargeable batteries, batteries and electronic devices, which necessarily include e-cigarettes, must be disposed of in accordance with legal regulations. This is especially true for disposable vapes, which contain both electronic components and batteries. Although vapes and their batteries may tempt people to dispose of them with household waste due to their handy size, this is strictly prohibited and is not only a violation of the Waste Framework Directives and the Waste Management Act, but is also harmful to the environment. Keep in mind that if you are caught doing this illegal dumping, you will face significant fines

Why is the disposal of vapes and batteries so important?

  • Protection of the environment: Improper disposal of electrical devices (e.g.B Vapes) can release harmful pollutants and pollute the environment.
  • Reuse raw materials: Electronic devices contain valuable raw materials that can be recycled and thus conserve resources.
  • Avoid penalties: Illegal disposal can result in significant fines.

Legal regulations for the disposal of vapes and the appropriate tips

  • Ban on household waste disposal: European legislation prohibits the disposal of electrical devices, including vapes, in household waste.
  • Electronic waste collection points: Electrical devices and batteries can be taken to special electronic waste collection points in your community.
  • Expert tip: eSchrott app: The practical “eSchrott” app shows you the accepted collection point for electronic scrap and offers tips professional disposal.
  • Free disposal at Deutsche Post: Deutsche Post offers free disposal of small electronic waste that fits into a maxi envelope, including e-cigarettes (vapes).

  • Electronic device containers in German cities: Some cities have containers for small electrical devices where you can dispose of your vapes.
  • Recycling at discounters: Almost all discounters such as Lidl and Aldi offer green boxes for disposing of batteries in order to recycle valuable raw materials and dispose of pollutants.


Finally, we would like to emphasize the importance of disposing of vapes and their batteries properly to protect the environment and comply with legal regulations. By following these tips, you can make a valuable contribution to the sustainable disposal of electronic waste and avoid penalties. Remember that proper disposal of e-cigarettes and batteries is a responsibility we should all share.

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