CBD Rocks Duo

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Size: 2g per baggy


Rocks Duo, Moon and Ice

Discover the most popular strains on the CBD market! Let the irresistible aroma and high CBD content take your clothes off.


You don't know our Moon Rocks or Ice Rocks yet? Then you missed something!

Even small amounts of our CBD Rocks have a particularly relaxing and beneficial effect. Come with us on a real adventure To the Moon and back!


Refined by genuine handwork.

Moonrocks and Icerocks made from CBD flowers.


Fly into other spheres with our Moon Rocks.

CBD Rocks (≈80% CBD) strong, bitter & intense

Explosive! For a particularly strong effect, the CBD flowers are first dipped in CBD oil and then coated several times with CBD pollen. You won't be able to resist the extraordinary look of the rocks.


The Ice Rocks are a perfect way to cool off, not just in summer.

CBD Rocks (≈80% CBD) tonic, strong & bitter

Even more CBD than our Moons! After the organic CDB flowers have been placed in CBD oil, the Ice Rocks are further processed with CBD isolate. This CBD extract creates an ice crystal that has a CBD content of up to 80%!

Let us convince you of still unknown strains!

With our tasting sets you can save money and discover new varieties. As EU-certified industrial hemp varieties, our CBD flowers contain a THC content of less than 0.2% and come from tested and sustainable cultivation, which deliberately avoids the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.