Mango OG | CBD aroma flower

Offer€9,50 EUR

Crowd: 1g
CBD: 7% - 12% THC: <0.2%

As unique as the fruity taste of a delicious mango, our popular CBD variety Mango OG is just as unique. Not only is their appearance irresistible, their delicious taste also makes you dream of tropical islands.

The Mango OG CBD flower is a hand-trimmed, hand-picked CBD variety that impresses across the board. Only the most beautiful flowers end up in our baggies!

Not only do you fall in love with their juicy and green buds, their fruity and lemony taste won't let you go.

Say YES to Miss Mango and see for yourself the unbeatable quality of our flowers.

So that we can offer you a product of the highest quality, this contains a moisture boost.